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The 2012 Pymlico Games

Most brands have guidelines and laws about how their image can be used and the Olympic games has more than most.

It has so many in fact, that the general public (pub landlords, event organisers, shop owners) could potentially find themselves in trouble over potential copyright infringement.

Lord Coe was on the BBC last week, saying the legislation was essential “in protecting the sponsors who come to the table with a lot of money to help us stage these Games”… from their point of view, you can see what he is saying. I would be annoyed if I had spent millions of pounds to secure a sponsorship and full use of the Olympic brand, only to find a little cornershop had the same privileges when not paying a penny, however, I dont feel this strict enforcement does alot to promote the ‘Olympic fever’ across the nation.

Designer, Rory McCarthy has looked at this problem, and come up with a new ‘brand’ for people who want to celebrate the games, without fear of violating the useage laws of the 2012 branding, he has called this Pymlico.


Mc Carthys solution is a unrestricted, free-to-use brand kit, featuring a logo and posters that people can use to show their support for the games.

“I see it as a way of putting posters up in windows and saying ‘we’re watching the Olympics’ without using the rings,” says McCarthy. “I suppose I want people to respect the needs of the official sponsors, and at the same time show that they don’t need to use the official branding, if it’s unavailable to them.”