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Milligan’s Lincoln Cafe Opens

Brandnew are pleased to announce the opening of the new Milligans Cafe M in St Marks in Lincoln.

The interior design, which was carried out by the team reflects the sophisticated, relaxed ambience that the cafe provides for its customers.

Kevin Lane, manager of Cafe M Lincoln, commented – The cafe itself looks amazing, it has a much warmer and more welcoming feel. I’m really happy with the finished look and we get a lot of great feedback from customers, explaining that it’s a great improvement on the original colours and overall look.

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Brandnew launch the second Woolroom concept store at Stamford, Lincolnshire

Working with Chris Tattersall Managing Director at The Woolroom. Brandnew have created the store look and design to create a bright, modern store interior to reflect the ‘sleep well sleep wool’ strap line and 100% British Wool product range from duvets, beds to blankets and throws.

Packaging, labeling and tags have also been designed and produced by the team.

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Stamford shop 2

A Woolly Idea

Brandnew have been working with UK’s first 100% wool bedding retail brand The Woolroom and have also developed there sub brand ‘Babywool’.

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The 2012 Pymlico Games

Most brands have guidelines and laws about how their image can be used and the Olympic games has more than most.

It has so many in fact, that the general public (pub landlords, event organisers, shop owners) could potentially find themselves in trouble over potential copyright infringement.

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Musical Jellies!

Just when you think Jellies could not be any more fun, Raphaël Pluvinage and Marianne Cauvard’s Noisy have created Noisy Jelly! This allows the users to create their very own musical instrument!

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Snake Strikes Back

A studio in Sydney has created a giant version of the classic mobile game Snake. This can be projected on to any wall (even across cities) and allows gamers to play, anywhere in the urban environment.

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Snake Strikes Back

Wikipedia as a Printed Book

I am sure you are all aware of Wikipedia, and probably use it on a regular basis, but have you ever considered how big this resource actually is? At the moment there are around 3,887,569 articles, this is equivalent to 1,638.6 volumes of the Encyclopædia Britannica. So what if you were to print this and make it in to a physical product?

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3D Street Paintings

Whilst doing some research for one of our projects, Dave discovered these amazing ‘Street Paintings’ by artist Edgar Mueller. More information about this can be found on his website

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The North “Toffee” Pole

We have recently finished working on a great project with Toffee Factory, a creative office space located right next to Brandnew HQ. Their building is looking really great, especially at night when you can see the lights on the building.

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Free Ideas!

As we are generous folk, we are currently running a Free Ideas* promotion. This means, if you are looking for some Brandnew ideas on anything that requires our creative touch, you have nothing to lose by contacting us.

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Karol Marketing and Brandnew Join Forces

Exciting times at The Old Pub

Two North East based creative agencies have formed a strategic partnership in order to strengthen their client offering.

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Moving in to The Old Pub

Brandnew HQ has recently moved! We are now located in The Old Pub, in East Quayside.

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